The Dangers Of Using Too Much Tissue Paper

Some tissue paper products contain BPA or Bisphenol-A which are harmful to health. BPA is a chemical used by factories in the manufacture of plastics, various types of paper, and resins. Imagine if this hazardous material was in your waterways. Besides being able to irritate you because of the scattered water leaking, this is also very dangerous for health. Tissue waste takes time to dissolve in water, so if you throw a lot of tissue in a day into the drain, it will have fatal consequences. Immediately contact MIRACLE ROOTER to prevent bad things from happening in your home.

BPA is found on the inside of aluminum cans and plastic bottles for mineral water. Research shows that BPA works similarly to the hormone estrogen, so it can affect fertility. In addition, BPA is thought to trigger various types of cancer. Do not let you put your family in danger because of your ignorance of the types of hazardous chemicals. Immediately take it to the doctor if you feel symptoms of diseases caused by excessive consumption of chemicals.

Although the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that BPA is still safe in small amounts, we must limit the amount of tissue paper we use.

Used tissue waste contributes 33.5 tons of BPA which can pollute the environment every year and can contaminate soil, plants, and various other food sources. In addition, as a way to live a healthier life, choosing products that pass the BPA test is also very important.

You may need to reduce the use of tissues at home. In addition to the harmful chemical content, tissue made of wood can make tree felling activities even higher. You can use a rag or cloth that is not used to clean food dirt, oil dirt, and others. You can also reduce the use of tissue in the toilet, you can use a towel or cloth to dry your hands.

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