The Most Discussed Summer 2021 Anime Recommendations

Summer vacation will be very boring if we can’t go out. During the new normal, we are required to stay at home to prevent excessive virus transmission. Be grateful if you have an interest in watching anime. For anime recommendations that you can watch during summer vacation, you can read here Your vacation time will not be felt because you watch various anime during the holidays. If you still find anime that fits your favorite genre, try checking this article. Here are some anime recommendations that will be aired in summer 2021.

1. Tensura Season 2
The first one is familiar, namely the anime Tensei Shitara Slime Deshita Ken or abbreviated as Tensura, which was animated by studio 8Bit. The anime adapted from this light novel has indeed been famous since the release of its first season yesterday and immediately attracted attention.

For those who just know, Tensura tells the story of a man who was stabbed by a thief and then carried into isekai in the form of a slime named Rimuru. Instead of going on an adventure like a fantasy anime, the Tensura anime presents an MC who is trying to build a country.

2. Tantei wa Mou Shindeiru
The second is the Tantei wa mou shindeiru anime which is animated by ENGI studio. Showing waifuable female anime characters is indeed one way to make an anime famous, but with an interesting story too, of course.

The story is simple, a man named Kimizuka Kimihiko becomes a detective partner with a beautiful woman named Siesta who then after some time Siesta is reportedly “dead”.

The concept of a back-and-forth storyline makes this anime interesting for everyone at once, plus several action scenes, adding to the impression of dancing which is an added spice for it.

3. Bokutachi no Remake
The third is the anime Bokutachi no Remake which is animated by studio feel. Using the concept of time travel, you must be careful if it is not accompanied by an interesting story to listen to. And this is what makes the anime bokutachi no remake good.

After experiencing failure in old age, Kyouya Hashiba undergoes time-travel that takes him back to his college days as well as changes his future by improving his current life.

4. Seirei Gensouki
Another fantasy anime that anime fans often talk about with the addition of the isekai concept is Seire Gensouki. One of the anime that can be called a relaxing anime is when the seasons of the isekai anime are summer this year.

Tells the story of a student named Haruto Amakawa who experienced a train accident that suddenly made him die on the spot. However, with a new body, suddenly he is in an isekai with the name Rio who is trying to change his life right now.