Tooth Damage in Children

Do your child’s teeth experience discoloration, such as white spots or yellowish teeth? Be careful, it can be a sign your child will experience dental problems. Dental problems are often experienced by children. His habit of liking sweet foods and not being able to brush his teeth regularly can be a cause of tooth decay in many children. You need to visit dental seo expert to treat your children tooth.

Here are some problems with your child’s teeth and their causes.

1. Dental problems caused by baby-bottle mouth

Continuously drinking milk with a bottle can cause tooth decay in your child. Especially when doing it while sleeping, this will make the teeth break down quickly. Drinking milk from a bottle in a sleeping position may be comfortable for the baby. But, be careful if this is done for hours, it can endanger the baby’s teeth. When milk sticks or stacks around the teeth for a long time, this can make teeth susceptible to bacteria and acids. Milk contains sugar which is food for bacteria. If milk sugar sticks to the teeth, this means providing food for bacteria to multiply in the teeth so that the teeth become hollow.

Parents can help children set a special time to drink milk every day because drinking milk from bottles throughout the day can damage milk teeth. If the child has grown up, it never hurts to teach him to drink milk with a glass. This will be better for training in motor skills and child coordination. The upper front teeth are the most vulnerable to damage. Always pay attention to your child’s front teeth, if there are signs of tooth damage, such as white or yellow spots on your child’s teeth, you should immediately take your child to the dentist.

2. Gingivitis (gum inflammation)

Many children also experience dental problems called gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. Gingivitis can be caused because children often eat snacks that can damage teeth, such as chocolate and candy, and worsened by bad habits of brushing teeth. Another cause of gingivitis, namely too much plaque on the teeth, bacteria stick to the teeth and multiply followed by not regularly brushing teeth. If your child’s gums are swollen, inflamed, or bleeding after brushing your teeth, you should immediately see a doctor because your child is afraid of suffering from gingivitis.