3 Things You Should Know Before You Are Ready To Become A Law Student

Maybe some of you are interested in studying in the Department of Law because of the prestige. Many say that law school must be like this and that. You also don’t get easily influenced by news like https://umcle.com/tag/predatory-law-schools/ because not all things are facts. Even if viewed from the outside, students of Law are the coolest among students of other majors. But you know, don’t you know, what’s it like to study law majoring in real?


So that you fully understand what you will actually face in the future, it is better for you to look at the five things you must understand before you are one hundred percent ready to be a student majoring in Law below.

1. Must be able to be an organized person
Because the workload of law students is high because their readings are piled up as high as a mountain, they must be able to become organized people so that they can do things more efficiently.

The exams and tasks usually given by law lecturers are in the form of case studies. To be able to solve it, you have to practice a lot in understanding case patterns by reading readings that are similar to the case to be studied. There is not only one reading material that you have to understand but up to a dozen!

2. Must be ready to be asked for advice on the law
People around you will often ask you for advice or even a legal point of view on certain matters—no matter what semester you’re in or what major you’re taking. Even though the law has a very broad scope, and most law students are more focused on dealing with cases that are deeper in nature than everyday legal cases.

3. Must be interested in the little things that happen around you
Once again, actually, those of you who are interested in Law and law enforcement in our country don’t always have to be fixated on corruption cases, you know. There are many small things that you must pay attention to in order to keep up with various law courses whose scope is very broad.

Corruption cases can be likened to just a fingernail of what you have to learn in order to be successful in becoming a Law Degree. Look at how Elle Woods fought for animal rights in the film Legally Blonde or the pro bono case regarding child custody of people with mental disorders in the film I Am Sam.