Choosing The Right Fence for Your Property

There are many reasons to add a fence to your backyard. You may want to increase your privacy, make your property more secure, keep wild creatures out, create a safe environment for your pets and children to play in, or simply add curb appeal. Whether you choose to add a fence for one of these reasons or a unique one of your own, you need to carefully consider what style will be best. This article is brought to you by Fencing Unlimited Inc and will highlight some of the most important aspects of choosing the fence that will be appropriate for you.

The first consideration that you should make when determining the style of fence you would like is what its primary purpose will be. Are you looking for a residential privacy fence for example or one simply for style like the white picket variety. Although you may have several reasons for wanting one, there is almost certainly one reason that sticks out as most important, and this should be a driving factor in your decision. For instance, if your primary focus is security, you will likely want to choose a taller fence, somewhere between six and ten feet. You would also want it to be made out of a material that would be hard to scale or break into, such as sturdy metal or bricks.  

If privacy is the main concern, you will probably want to maintain the height suggested for a security fence. However, you may opt for a different material-perhaps something with more curb appeal, such as wood.  

For keeping wild animals out, it will largely depend on what types of creatures you are battling against. Deer can jump very high, so you would need something tall. For burrowing pests, you may need something with a solid bottom that can be buried a few feet into the ground. Electric fences may be the most effective in terms of material, but these can be dangerous if you have kids around, and they can also be visually unappealing.  Certain types of wood can naturally repel (or be treated to repel) wild animals, so that may be a more aesthetically pleasing option.

If you are just trying to keep kids and pets in, something a bit shorter in height is probably acceptable, perhaps around three or four feet. This will prevent most children and pets from wandering into the road or other dangerous areas, but also maintain a more friendly aura about your house than a tall imposing security fence would. Basically any material can work for this type of fence, as long as it doesn’t have any major gaps that a child or pet could slip through. Ultimately, your material choice will be largely dependent on your own personal taste.

Finally, you may just want a fence to add a decorative element to your house. If this is the case, the fence can be any height or material you want. Many people like the look of wrought iron, or the stereotypical white picket fence, but it is up to you to decide what looks best with the design of your house.

In addition to considering the purpose of the fence, you need to think about your budget. Fences can get expensive quickly, especially if you have a large yard. Bricks and metal are likely to be the most expensive material options. Wood or vinyl are generally cheaper options, but even within these categories there is a lot of variation in quality and price. If you are handy or know someone who is, you can save a great deal of money by buying the materials and building yourself; if you are unable to do this, make sure you factor labor costs into your budgeting.

A final consideration you will need to make before designing or building a fence is any local zoning laws that may apply. Some neighborhoods have rules that regulate aspects of fence construction, including allowed materials and maximum height. You will want to make sure you understand all such regulations so that you do not have to waste money rebuilding by failing to comply the first time you put your new fence up.

As you can see, choosing a proper style of fence is not as easy as it might seem initially. However, with a little research and thought, you can add the perfect fence to your property in no time. If you live in Central Virginia and would like an estimate you can more info here.